A Halloween Fashion Photoshoot

A Halloween Fashion Photoshoot

Busy busy weekend! But very fulfilling from both a business and social perspective.

On Saturday I attended the “ModelArt Halloween Photography Workshop” hosted by Awesome Pics Photography. It was my first group shoot so I was nervous/excited. My boyfriend, Jon, and I headed for Studio One, this AMAZING space in Orlando where the furniture and walls are white, white, white. Very clean looking. There was so much room that we had 4 different lighting setups to choose from.


There were five to six other photographers there, as well as four different models who each sported two different looks. That meant there was good networking and good portfolio building! Each photographer gets a turn working with one of the models and then we switch.

I first worked with Kelly Marie, who wore these killer boots for her first look that I, sadly, would be too short to wear.  She had such great energy that I think I monopolized her time longer than I should have >_<  Her second look also involved a corset and boots but this time with spiders. She did some fun jumping shots in this outfit that I’m really excited to edit!  She’s a nurse by day, btw. Nurse outfit + boots = daaammmnnnn


Next I worked with Letty Santana-Bridges who basically is this super tall Amazon model. I asked her to sit down for a lot of shots in the beginning since I couldn’t handle the height yet lol. She can actually rest her elbow on my head!


Letty moves very gracefully and has a quiet yet strong confidence that comes through. She’s very good at positioning her hands and fingers, too. Her second look was a knockout as an Egyptian Queen. I love her skin tone in this outfit and the eye-makeup makes her look so exotic.  It was actually her birthday that day. I think she should’ve kept the outfit on when she partied, she looked that good in it.

Sidebar: The hair and makeup team were stellar in putting together seven vastly different looks: Hillary Warren as the MUA and Ali Schmitt as the Hair Stylist. I had occasionally Facebook stalked Hillary’s work when it came up on my news feed. I love how dramatic her makeup looks are – she really transforms the models. I hope to work with them again one day *fingers crossed*

ali-schmitt hillary-warren-mua

I briefly worked with Ali Porter, who unfortunately had to leave early due to work. Luckily I got some shots of her. She has really piercing eyes and her stitched up mouth is wonderfully creepy.


Lastly, I worked with Nanette Vasquezwho was simply amazing as a zombie French maid and Day of the Dead ballerina. She is a Modelographer (sp?) cause she can take pictures in front of and behind the camera. I felt like Nanette was a kindred spirit – a fellow female photog and entrepreneur who works hard to make it work. She completely got into her characters – growling, crawling, and contorting her way into dynamic poses like that girl from The Ring.


So while the day was long (10:30am – 7:30pm), it was totally worth it.  Big thanks to host and organizer Patrick Dupuis, owner of Awesome Pics Photography and the one who brought us all together. When you meet him, you can tell he truly enjoys working with and growing the photography community. He’s got more events like this planned in the future so be on the lookout if you’re a model or photographer.

Lastly, Boyfriend Jon got great footage of the entire day’s event. It’ll be posted here and on Facebook in the upcoming weeks for all to enjoy =)

I’m off now to go happily edit!!

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