Baby Baptism Weekend

Baby Baptism Weekend

I had the pleasure of photographing two baptisms down south in the past month: the adorable Penelope for the Enriquez family (left) and cutie-pie Riley for the Kitten family (right).

The Kitten Family

Filipino family smiling with baby after baptism

RT and April Kitten with baby Riley

The Kittens baptized their son Riley at Blessed John XXIII Catholic Church in Miramar, Florida.  The church has a small chapel inside that was the perfect size for the private baptism.  Riley was quiet the entire time, except for when the water was poured on his head and startled him awake.  (I’m sure we’d react pretty loudly too if someone poured water on us while we were sleeping haha)

After the baptism, I took some photos outside since the afternoon light was so lovely.  Here are a couple beautiful, tender moments between April and her son.

Mother kissing her son after the baptism

Here’s dad RT having a Lion King moment while holding Riley.

Father holding up this son after his baby's baptism

There was a reception afterwards for friends and family so lots of group photos were taken.  Here are the Kittens with Riley’s godparents.

The Kittens with their son's godparents

The Enriquez Family

Filipino family at the baptism at Our Lady Queen of the Apostles

The Enriquez family baptized their daughter Penelope at Our Lady Queen of Apostles in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.  They were one of three families whose babies were baptized that day.

Priest blessing the baby at the baptism

I think Penelope’s expression seems to say “What’s going on? Why is my head wet?”

Priest performing baptism ritual at Our Lady Queen of the Apostles

Here are the Enriquez’s with Penelope’s godparents. I love how happy Penelope looks! She’s probably glad to be done for the day =)
The Enriquez family with their daughter's godparents

Congrats to both families on this special day!
<3 Klara

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