My first wedding

My first wedding

This weekend was a big learning experience for me since I videotaped and photographed my first wedding for my boyfriend’s cousin, RT, and his blushing bride, April. My boyfriend Jon needed a second videographer so I took on that role plus the formal church photos and then some.

We split up during the morning so we could film the groom and bride as they were getting ready. I’d seen quite a few wedding videos before so I knew the kind of detail shots you’re supposed to get (accessories, shoes, flowers, etc.), but it was harder than I thought to film them in a creative way. Like, how else can I film the bride’s shoes to make the viewer go “Whooaaa, nice shoe shot!”

It was more fun capturing April and her bridesmaids goofing off. I’m glad they had music playing most of the time.  Here’s a sequence of the girls bogeying to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us.”

It’s a bit of a juggling act to do both video and photos, but I was able to squeeze in photos of April as she was putting on makeup and wearing her wedding dress and veil.  We had awesome light coming through the hotel window that just lit April beautifully.  She looked so elegant and is naturally very poised.

Bride putting on makeup while getting ready

Filipino bride getting ready for wedding

Reminds me of a Grecian goddess =)

Bride giving a flirty look behind her veil

Absolutely LOVE this photo of her. Shows off her playful side =)

These photos were taken in the calm before the storm.  Jon and I didn’t arrive at the church as early as we would’ve liked, so we were rushing to set up our stuff before the mass started. Thank goodness I only had to deal with video during the ceremony.  The hardest part was just keeping the camera steady. I had to constantly remember to lock my arms or hold my breath. Even without using a big, heavy lens (I had a 50mm), I could feel a slight strain.

I guess it depends on the church, but I’m glad the priest didn’t fuss too much at me and Jon for standing up on the altar to get our shots. He did ask us to stop filming for certain segments so the married couple could give him their full attention lol.

Once the mass ended, it was UTTER CHAOS. The chapel was fairly small so trying to maneuver with my lighting equipment with everyone crowding around was definitely a challenge. I had barely opened my light stand before the church coordinator was telling me I had to get all the formal photos done in 15 minutes and oh yeah, the priest has to leave like RIGHT NOW *dies* The time constraint is probably pretty standard, but considering my newbie status, hearing all that was a bit terrifying.

Luckily, I had watched this awesome video tutorial from Fstoppers on how to light up the church with a single strobe. Bouncing the light off the (thankfully) white wall of the chapel created beautiful, flattering light that worked for all the different sized groups.

Bride and Groom posing in church

posed wedding group photos in churchposed wedding group photos in church

I was actually super happy with how these came out!

The last batch of photos were of the bride and groom posing with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. These were much more relaxed and fun to do. I couldn’t resist the walking and jumping shots, especially when RT and his groomsmen were so goofy.

Wedding party jumping photo Wedding party group photo Bride walking with her bridesmaids outside  Groomsmen walking down fieldGroomsmen jumping

I had a great time overall and I’m glad my first foray into the wedding world ended with the couple happy with the results =)  Congratulations, RT and April!  And I can’t wait to see the awesome video Jon will put together =)

The rest of the photos can be viewed here.

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