Empty Cubes

Empty Cubes is a disrupting agent in the software development industry, enabling software engineers to do what they do best for their customer: build great things. The client wanted a logo that communicated forward-thinking principles but also conveyed a sense of humanity and togetherness that would give its employees a framework to succeed.

The company’s┬ácore values include:

  • Teamwork: Self-organized teams. The human condition matters.
  • Innovation: Disrupt and re-invigorate stale, inefficient technology solutions.
  • Transparency: You see what we see: no secrets or smoke. Honesty.
For the design, the cube symbolizes the self-organized teams while the curving ribbons represent the tightly knit and collaborative workforce the company fosters. The white space around the cube imply that teams are given the space to be innovative rather than being micro-managed.